Writing has all the Elements of an Addiction

Writing has all the Element of an Addiction. 

Writing Online, why do we really do it?

Writing is a fun and healthy addiction. It can be a bit of a life changer. It is an addiction but in a good way. You can support me to do something I love. How good can it get?

If you want to quit one bad habit, replace it with another good habit, as the old adage states. 

Writing in an online community gives one the euphoria of some major narcotics without the guilt or the potential jail time. Watching the view counter ticking up and seeing who shares your work is intoxicating. 
Are you suffering from 'Feed Addiction'. I made that up, don't panic.

It is better than online games as you end up with something tangible, Your article, poem or even a whole book.
Eureka moments come thick and fast but not followed by those down in the dump moments.

One minute you think you have it all sussed out, and then realise you really don't. Which just makes one work harder to understand, each particular element of this writing puzzle.
Then one day, you see that you have earned a whole $0.4 c.

Okay so not exactly high finance but you will still jump around and tell everyone who you can tie down, that you have earned a whole $0.4 c. For a months solid writing work, for 12 hours a day!

People will look at you, as if you are a raving lunatic, they are right to think that. But they are missing the point and wrong as usual. Learning that writing is fun, can be very liberating and immensely rewarding.
Not a drudge that you have to do but something you enjoy doing. 

The hours of research, the editing, re-editing, proofreading and you may still miss a typo. These obsessive behaviours, and thinking you are 'right', are also classic signals in the definition of an addiction.

To the non writer these behaviours may seem extreme, but it is what many of us do. Why? because we love the process, from idea to finished article. It involves many intricate and interconnected steps to lead a reader through a story or thought process.

Never write for a search engine. They cannot read. 

We are learning in the company of a supportive and encouraging group of like minded individuals and friends. That is the real power and attraction of online writing communities. 

The non writers don't know what you know. That first $0.4 c you earned is just an indicator, a start, this thing works, you just have to figure it all out. Months later it all becomes clear. 
The community is everything and they are what really matters. 

'It's a business Jim, but now as we know it.' To paraphrase Star Treks Dr. McCoy.

Eureka! I Think I've Got It?

When you do have those breakthrough moments, and they came thick and fast. You begin to realise, that there are many elements, that have to work together, in order for your work to really stand out on the world wide web.


No amount of tweaking and fiddling around is going to replace those supportive and kind words that the writers give each other. We all share a common goal. We want to write and we want to be read. 

Each writer has their own particular taste's. From brilliant poet's to people who write on a diverse range of topics, including the kitchen sink, and what extractor fan you need for your oven.

Each writing project is equally creative but aims to address different needs and emotions in the reader. 
Apart from the sheer joy of reading and writing, many like recognition for their writing efforts.

The easiest way to gauge whether you are writing things that other people are enjoying, is to look at your readership statistics. How many people read your work.

The point about this writing addiction is, that in psychological terms it is very good for you. 
Many famous writers battled with drug and alcohol addictions.

Our obsession with improving or writing, conform's to the definition of an addiction, but without the negative connotations or consequences.

Writing itself has many positive impacts on our health and well-being, it reduces stress. Writing is fun and can be very therapeutic. 
Getting something off your chest and on the page can help clarify our views.

The nature of the ever evolving process of writing, gives us positive feedback. This is sometimes known as a virtuous circle. Think, write, think some more, write some more, the very process itself is therapeutic as you tear the thing to pieces in order to make it comprehensible to your readers.

How did I start Writing.

I have achieved what I had set out to achieve i.e. to prove that it was possible to make some money online, from scratch, with no prior knowledge of writing 'articles' for a particular audience.

Except I am now just addicted to the whole process. It's fun and rewarding in so many other ways. 

My articles are on a variety of topics. I do not limit myself to a 'niche'. I just enjoy writing about what I like, or what is on my mind. All of my work in that respect are essays or trails and experiments.

I do have a lot of internet experience, and on how search engines work, and on the software that runs the whole system. Because I'm an ICT Teacher. These skills came in useful, but were not much help when you want to write about Snoring.

I had been thinking about writing for many years, when I fell into a writing website. It was easy to use and allowed quick publication. I was hooked from the start. Today I am happy to say, that my addiction has allowed me to meet some truly amazing people.

Global Friends

I have met writers from every corner of the world and almost every walk of life. Reading their work is like being a virtual tourist. Many describe where they live and the local places of interest. Their writing transports us there. 
Anyone that has travelled, will know that to have a local person, telling you about their part of the country, beats any generic tour guide hands down.

Local knowledge from local people.

These writers are truly inspirational. They are teacher'scomputer specialist's, poet's, novelist's, creative's.  
Writing astherapy is a well establish treatment in dealing with harmful addictions.

Many of the writers I have met have something else in common. Many are at the top of their field, and are passionate about what they write about. 
So what are my feelings about being a writing addict? I am in very good company and I hope to never find a cure.

Sharing really is Caring

I hope you enjoyed my experience with writing. If you did then give it a thumbs up and press those Google like buttons. Share the writing you enjoy with your family and friends.

You can check my blog on some other fun ways to make some money online at my Google website.  It's all quite simple to do, but definitely not easy.

Thanks for dropping by and come again soon. 

Do you think your behaviour fit's in with this definition of an addiction?

Then your writing is fun too. Enjoy It!